Art by A homeless man lies curled up on his side along the sidewalk outside of St. Bart’s Episcopal Church, sucking on his thumb. He’d barefoot, with black skin covered in small pink dots that ride up along his ankle, maybe continuing on along his legs underneath his stained brown sweatpants. It’s lunchtime, and the … Continue reading Stillborn

The Kissing Psychic

Art by John Turck at Jeff checked the note in the palm of his hand. He thought the rain and his sweat might have smudged the ink on the page, and sure enough the right half had already started to bleed. His khakis stuck to his leg, and he could barely fit his knuckles into … Continue reading The Kissing Psychic

Liquid Lunch Payday

“I want him out of here.” There’s a perfect way to start my day. Getting nagged by my best friend Jeff’s wife, while I’m asleep on this living room couch with my pants off. I can hear Jeff whisper yelling. “We’re going. Knock it off.” Atta boy, Jeff. I know he’s only doing it because … Continue reading Liquid Lunch Payday