Force of Nature It was so difficult to get the words out at first. Allan had to lose himself to the script to keep from hyperventilating. But he’d made his way through the opening pitch by breathing deeply, never needing to sip his water, and pressed forward until time slowed down. The room shrank. As his senses … Continue reading Force of Nature

The Continuing Meditations of Taco Tuesday (Dog Walk) Taco struggled with the lock in Barnaby’s apartment. He could hear the sound of his dog scratching from the inside of the door, begging to be let out, as he jiggled the key. Finally managing to unlock the deadbolt and open the door, little Sharon spun around in circles at his feet, her tongue … Continue reading The Continuing Meditations of Taco Tuesday (Dog Walk)

Taco Tuesday #2 (The Commute)

Art by John Turck at Taco ran down the steps, his loafers slapping against the wet tiles and threatening to lose their grip on the floor. A doddering old woman examined the broadside of a subway car, unable to tell if it was the N or the R, and only managing to block Taco’s direct … Continue reading Taco Tuesday #2 (The Commute)

Taco Tuesday #1 (Prologue)

Photo by Taco Tuesday was born in suburban New Jersey, through the union of Steven Tuesday, and his mother, a woman who only went by the singular name of Gee. Steven Tuesday and Gee would have laughed had anybody called them a couple of hipsters, and proudly reclaimed the title as a smirking point of … Continue reading Taco Tuesday #1 (Prologue)

Liquid Lunch Payday

“I want him out of here.” There’s a perfect way to start my day. Getting nagged by my best friend Jeff’s wife, while I’m asleep on this living room couch with my pants off. I can hear Jeff whisper yelling. “We’re going. Knock it off.” Atta boy, Jeff. I know he’s only doing it because … Continue reading Liquid Lunch Payday

Woke Like Me

“No one knows whether death, which people fear to be the greatest evil, may not be the greatest good.” – Plato   There is a uniform that I adorn for these sort of occasions. Not black, which would be too pointed. Too “look at me in all my anguish” on social media. Inside my closet … Continue reading Woke Like Me