Taco Tuesday #3 (Rapunzel)

johnturck.tumblr.com Taco hadn’t noticed anything odd about his first trip out to Betty Youngblood’s apartment, in the rapidly developing Yankee Meadows development project. He’d seen posters all over the city, showing off the luxury high rise buildings with names like the Babylon Tower or The Vine. They took a cab at three in the morning … Continue reading Taco Tuesday #3 (Rapunzel)

A Sinatra Night

Art by John Turck at http://johnturck.tumblr.com/ Sullivan poured a drink. Bourbon neat. No plans yet, but plenty to do. He changed his mind on the unlit cigarette already between his lips, and pulled out a cigar. It was ten pm, but he wasn’t going anywhere until midnight. “Take your time,” he said out loud while he … Continue reading A Sinatra Night