A Sinatra Night

Art by John Turck at http://johnturck.tumblr.com/ Sullivan poured a drink. Bourbon neat. No plans yet, but plenty to do. He changed his mind on the unlit cigarette already between his lips, and pulled out a cigar. It was ten pm, but he wasn’t going anywhere until midnight. “Take your time,” he said out loud while he … Continue reading A Sinatra Night

The Platonic Ideal

Art by John Turck @ johnturck.tumblr.com Morty stared at Sophia, his eight-month old daughter; her face covered in makeup, as he bounced her on his knee, and tried to keep her from getting overwhelmed by the swirling pace of activity. A chubby man in a smock applied his wife’s lip gloss, and workers set up … Continue reading The Platonic Ideal

Otter Wedding

Art by John Turck at http://johnturck.tumblr.com/ If you ask me, Mr. Barton looked ridiculous by not dressing up in some goofy costume. Instead, he wore his typical khakis and a short sleeved button down shirt here in front of a bunch of screaming kids, as he tried to marry off a pair of otters, all because … Continue reading Otter Wedding

Taco Tuesday #2 (The Commute)

Art by John Turck at http://johnturck.tumblr.com/ Taco ran down the steps, his loafers slapping against the wet tiles and threatening to lose their grip on the floor. A doddering old woman examined the broadside of a subway car, unable to tell if it was the N or the R, and only managing to block Taco’s direct … Continue reading Taco Tuesday #2 (The Commute)

The Kissing Psychic

Art by John Turck at http://johnturck.tumblr.com/ Jeff checked the note in the palm of his hand. He thought the rain and his sweat might have smudged the ink on the page, and sure enough the right half had already started to bleed. His khakis stuck to his leg, and he could barely fit his knuckles into … Continue reading The Kissing Psychic

Taco Tuesday #1 (Prologue)

Photo by http://johnturck.tumblr.com/ Taco Tuesday was born in suburban New Jersey, through the union of Steven Tuesday, and his mother, a woman who only went by the singular name of Gee. Steven Tuesday and Gee would have laughed had anybody called them a couple of hipsters, and proudly reclaimed the title as a smirking point of … Continue reading Taco Tuesday #1 (Prologue)

Other Plans

Photo by johnturck.tumblr.com/ John H. Dywers             Jack flicked the edge of the card, while he sat at the bar, waiting for somebody to walk over. He flipped the faux business card over. Pine View High School Invites You to Celebrate the Class of 1997 To be held at the Pearl Garden Catering Hall Saturday, July … Continue reading Other Plans

Instant Nostalgia

The water was only an idea. For weeks in the heat of the city, never having access to a car of their own, Kevin would follow his wife Melissa to parks and restaurants, on and off subway platforms, bleeding salt lines into the armpits and collars of his shirt. He could feel the aggravating call … Continue reading Instant Nostalgia

Liquid Lunch Payday

“I want him out of here.” There’s a perfect way to start my day. Getting nagged by my best friend Jeff’s wife, while I’m asleep on this living room couch with my pants off. I can hear Jeff whisper yelling. “We’re going. Knock it off.” Atta boy, Jeff. I know he’s only doing it because … Continue reading Liquid Lunch Payday