Art by A homeless man lies curled up on his side along the sidewalk outside of St. Bart’s Episcopal Church, sucking on his thumb. He’d barefoot, with black skin covered in small pink dots that ride up along his ankle, maybe continuing on along his legs underneath his stained brown sweatpants. It’s lunchtime, and the … Continue reading Stillborn

Brandi V. is Cooking Intimacy Brandi Victoria is Cooking Intimacy by Terry Ludlow             Brandi Victoria is holed up somewhere in New York City, though you’d be hard pressed to locate the hideout. The usual suspects, your five star hotels, or the conspicuous Tribeca apartments would all lead to dead ends. Instead as she records her fourth album, a … Continue reading Brandi V. is Cooking Intimacy

Force of Nature It was so difficult to get the words out at first. Allan had to lose himself to the script to keep from hyperventilating. But he’d made his way through the opening pitch by breathing deeply, never needing to sip his water, and pressed forward until time slowed down. The room shrank. As his senses … Continue reading Force of Nature

The Continuing Meditations of Taco Tuesday (Dog Walk) Taco struggled with the lock in Barnaby’s apartment. He could hear the sound of his dog scratching from the inside of the door, begging to be let out, as he jiggled the key. Finally managing to unlock the deadbolt and open the door, little Sharon spun around in circles at his feet, her tongue … Continue reading The Continuing Meditations of Taco Tuesday (Dog Walk)

Moonlit Nights Patrick felt the cold saltwater slide up to his ankle and then recede into the warm, moonlit night. Corrine curled against his arm for a few steps, and then separated, seeming to dance without splashing into the thin layer of merlot colored waves. She exposed her drunken smile and held a finger up to … Continue reading Moonlit Nights

Her Mother’s Daughter Cody stood still in the forest, never looking away from Fiona while she paced back and forth, mushing the muddy leaves into the melting snow. “You are going to keep it, right?” “Yeah.” “I mean, you want to, right?” “Jesus, shut up Cody.” She couldn’t look at him. Cody warmed his hands in the … Continue reading Her Mother’s Daughter

Bar Fighter Paige brought me out. I realized how old we’d gotten somewhere along the crowded subway platform, filled with kids out of college, dressed up for a Saturday night. How did that happen? Paige looked great as usual. Same as the day I’d met her, really. I felt like hell, wearing khakis that pushed the … Continue reading Bar Fighter

Taco Tuesday #3 (Rapunzel) Taco hadn’t noticed anything odd about his first trip out to Betty Youngblood’s apartment, in the rapidly developing Yankee Meadows development project. He’d seen posters all over the city, showing off the luxury high rise buildings with names like the Babylon Tower or The Vine. They took a cab at three in the morning … Continue reading Taco Tuesday #3 (Rapunzel)